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Thursday, 28 August 2014

mwb.im let's you create and manage your blog with mobile phone

MyWapBlog.com let's you create and manage your blog for free right from your mobile phone. You do not need to buy or use an existing desktop computer to create and manage your free online business unlike Blogger.com or Wordpress.org as you all know blogging is a cool source for making money online and offline.

MyWapBlog.com already has thounsands of users arround the world but majority of their users are from Indonisia. The mobile free blog platform was founded by Arvind Gupta, a young man from India who settled in Jamshedpur, India. He was 19 years old when establishing such services in 2008, the main idea is the creation Mywapblog blog- to provide cellular service for bloggers who have trouble doing their blogging from mobile devices.

According to what i read online, 98% active users of the free mobile blog platform came from Indonisia and blog via their mobile phone. The blog has so many sub-sections like chatroom, forum and mony more.

You can also make money with your free Mywapblog.com blog via Google Adsense and many other supported Ad networks. Mywapblog.com also gives your a chance to use a .com domain intead of their free subdomain.

The free blog platform also works like Blogger but with very fiew changes. You'll also have the chance to embed videos to your blog, upload videos, games and any other file to your blog and posts. Mywapblog.com let's you upload as many files as you want.

Mywapblog.com is mobile friendly but has a desktop version to. Mywapblog.com also let's you change and edit themes, change, add and re-arrange nav menu. Mywapblog has so many features that i can't mention in this post. You'll see them yourself once you create an account with them.

How to create a blog at Mywapblog.com

1. Move over to: www.mywapblog.com/en/register.php?

2. Complete the registeration form. Ex. Your blog url which will be your username, email, password etc. Make sure you enter a valid email because a verification email will be sent to you.

3. Log in to your email account and verify the ownership of your email address.

Once you click the verificational link sent to you from Mywapblog.com, you'll be loged in to your blog dashboard. You can now start blogging!

Note: MyWapBlog.com does not support adult blog and once you're caught posting adult contents to your blog, your blog will be removed.

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