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Thursday, 28 August 2014

How to claim your blog for free on Alexa.com without coding

How I Claimed My Blog On Alexa Without Entering A Meta Tag In My Blog HTML. It's very easy!

Claiming your free Google Hosted blog on Alexa.com will let you have full control over your blog performance on Alexa. It will also let you have access to edit your site listing, but three ways are involved in claiming the ownership of your blog on Alexa. Here i'm going to share with you how to claim your blogger blog on Alexa for free. No coding nor credit card required.

But before i will like to show you the how to processes involved, what's Alexa.com and how it works?
According to web definition, "Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California-based (a state in the U.S.A) subsidiary (adding websites to) company of Amazon.com which provides commercial web traffic data". Simple. It shows everything about your blog, your global ranking and many more that i can't mention in this post.
Now that you've known the definition of Alexa.com, let's move along to what's new and how to get in to it. But first, other webmasters and bloggers gave you informations on how to verify your blogger blog via editing your blog html, but not everybody will have access to his/her blog html source and not everybody can do coding. But here i bring you better results and informations on how to quickly claim your blog on alexa.com without editing anything in your html source.

Follow me through the steps listed below:

1. You'll fist need to create an account with Alexa.com. To create an account? Move over to: www.alexa.com/register and complete the registeration processes. You can also sign up with your existing Facebook account, but if you already have an Alexa account, skip this process and move over to step two.

2. Goto: www.alexa.com/secure/login and login with your email and password.

3. Once you're loged in, you will see your email address placed in the Alexa homepage. It looks like this:

4. Now that you're loged in, screw down and you'll see a space in form of rectangle that looks like a textarea, enter your blog url and click "Go":

5. Once your blog url has already been claimed, a page like the screenshot below will show up. But since you haven't yet claimed your blog url on Alexa.com, move over to step six below.

6. Once Alexa.com takes you to the veification page for your blog url, there will be three ways to verify the ownership of your blog. Click method two.

7. Now, a verification ID that looks like this: HT5ydhtHhYhGGbTHTgT will be generated automatically by Alexa.com to be placed in the homepage of your blog. Copy your Alexa.com Verification ID and move over to step 8 below.

8. Now, minimize and move over to www.blogger.com and sign to your blogger blog Dashboard and click Settings.

9. Now, Settings page opens. Click "Other" option and click Edit blog title and replace it with your blog verification ID given to you by Alexa and hit "Save Settings":

10. Now, go back to Alexa.com and click "Verify". A verification process will take place in your blog homepage and a congratulation message will pop-up if you follow all above steps correctly. If you see an error message telling you that your verification id wasn't found in your blog homepage or founded but insn't placed in your blog homepage or any other error message, then it shows you didn't follow all above steps correctly. But once your verification id is founded,

11. You can now see that your blog has been successfully claimed and you now have access to edit your blog listing and everything about your blog in Alexa.com and also traffic rank check.

Click "Edit Site Information" to edit your site listing on Alexa.com.

That's all!!

I haven't tried this on any other site yet, but i believe it will work out on Wordpress and any blog platform. You do not need to pay anything like money before you claim the ownership of your blog on Alexa.com as of the time of this post. Fortune later, i don't know.

Any problem? Leave it as a comment below.

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