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Friday, 29 August 2014

How to check your site behaviour on Google with Searchenginegenie.com

Searchenginegenie.com is a webtool that let's you check your website behaviour on Google and major search engines and provides widgets for your online business.

Searchenginegenie.com has many webtools like;
Google Position Checker Tool, Google Backlink Checker, Google PageRank Checker Tool, Google Banned Site Checker Tool, Google Map Tool, Google IP Checker Tool, Google Data center Checker Tool and many more tools i can't mention in this post.
Searchenginegenie.com also provide you with Yahoo Tools and widgets that you can use in your website. Today i'm going to discuss with you on how to check when last Google Crawl or Checked Your Website as we all know Google is a better quality in teams of website traffic generator.

Follow me through the steps below:

1. Goto: www.searchenginegenie.com/tools/google-bot-last-accessed-date.php

2. Once it opens, screw down and you'll see a space in form of a textarea where it says "Enter The Website URL". Now, enter your website url and move over to step 3 below.

3. Now, you'll need to solve a question. Perhaps, You'll be asked to solve a simple Maths. Ex. 5+6 = ...... You'll need to enter your answer in a space they will provide. Preview the screenshot below for better understanding.

4. Now that you've entered your answer, click submit button, screw up and you'll see when last Google checked your site.

Note: if you enter a wrong answer, they will not bring out informations about when last Google checked your site. You'll need to refresh the page and re-enter your website url. That's all!

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