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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

One dies in street disaster

Tunde, as he identified and aged 28, was on Monday shot dead in a bloody
clash between rival street boys in Fadeyi, Somolu Local Government Area of
Lagos State. The victim met his doom in the hands of armed rival gang, who
shot him at close range at about 8.30p.m. and smashed his head in
celebration of their triumph.

An eyewitness confirmed that street boys in the area, popularly called
'Area Boys' or 'agberos' had cast a shadow of fear on people living in the
area. He said the street boys drew battle lines, carrying various weapons
of war, following their disagreement over the offloading of containers
imported into the local market in the area by POP roofing materials

According to him, the battle has been raging for the past three years,
with over six people killed by the rival gangs. I can authoritatively say
that more than six persons have been consumed by this senseless war. The
most irritating part of the problem is that the policemen in the area are
not helping matters." The residents of Fadeyi area are presently living in
fear," he said. Our reporter gathered that the hoodlums also molested
passers-by, forcing people into their homes to escape danger. Business
outfits in the area hurriedly closed for business to avert possible
looting of their wares.

An available source said the rival groups had been engaged in an endless
war of attrition over the control of POP containers, mostly materials used
in constructing Chinese ceilings. According to him, the age-long grievance
triggered a major crisis on Sunday, which spilled out of control, leading
to the death of the latest victim.

"Any time one of the rival groups comes to offload the POP containers,
they suffer discrimination. The POP dealers are not helping matters too.
People are living in fear. We are not safe at night," he said.

It was reported that Tunde's death had deepened the hatred in the area,
with some residents moving out of the troubled location for fear of
reprisal attack.

The Daily Sun

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