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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Lagos State: Horn-free Day

Today is October 15th and has been set aside by the Lagos State Government
to be declared as "Horn-free Day."

As a result of the busy commercial state of lagos, the government has
mapped out today as one that should be different from other days where
humming and buzzing of horns from different kinds of vehicles should not
be heard. Therefore, it has mandated all vehicle drivers and owners of
machines with horns to observe the day by allowing their horns a day off
today as they can resume work tomorrow.

Taking a walk to some areas of the state, vehicles in traffic are busy
applying their horns and looking for escape routes in a bid to beat
traffic and get to their destinations in good time. In another
development, the Lagos State Waste Management Authority with their refuse
disposal trucks kept on blasting their horns to call out occupants of the
street for them to come dispose their refuse.

When asked, so many people affirmed that they were not aware of the day
and what it means to the state and therefore, are ignorant of the

What is the situation like in your area, share with us.

G3wap Correspondent

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