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Saturday, 25 October 2014


Ara is one very popular lady very well known for the "Drum" thing,a single
mother of one who says she's absolutely ready to fall in love again after
her marriage to her iceland based hubby packed up after 2 years in
2011. . During an interview with the punch,Ara had this to say:

"When I meet the right person and fall in love, I will consider marriage.
I really want to fall in love again. I don't believe in marriage just for
its sake. If a younger guy comes up to me, I don't mind dating the person.
I don't mind marrying somebody who I am older than. I have spoken to a
couple of people and they don't see anything wrong with it. If the person
has a mature mind and is committed, then it is not a big deal."
When asked if she is not looking for somebody who she can control and
manipulate, the singer said

"I am not that kind of person. I am the most submissive wife. I am 'mumu'
for love. You can ask my ex, he can tell you. There was never a day I
didn't ask him what I should cook even though I was the breadwinner. I
would always ask him what he wanted. And whatever he said, if we didn't
have it, I would jump on an okada and enter the market to go and buy the
stuff. I am a hopeless lover."

Ara said that she and her ex are still "good friends

" because, "we have a child together. My boy is six years already. He has
remarried. I am not envious that he got married again. God forbid! When he
calls me, I always ask him if his wife isn't around. I would also ask him
if his wife knows that I am not interested in him. I don't know her and I
don't know her name. I wouldn't want her to feel I want to take her
husband again. So I tell him I hope the wife knows that I am not
interested and that his calling me is just to find out about his son. I
wouldn't want to make any woman unhappy

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