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Sunday, 22 March 2015

O! Did you just say we're all human beans? Hahaha

Female Teacher: Hey students, goodmorning....

Students: How're you doing madam?
Female Teacher: I'm fine.. How was your last night?

Students: We really thank God..

Female Teacher: Ok! Today, i will be teaching you English and our topic today is "Some Spellings"....

Students: Ok madam! We look forward to hear you...

Female Teacher: Thank you students.. First, i want you all to make sentense with Beans..

John (student): Madam.. I ate beans last night..

Flora (student): Madam.. I had soup with beans for breakfast & lunch..

Serah (student): Madam.. I love butter beans & baked beans..

Sam (student): C'mon madam... We all are human beans


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