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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Mr. Justice and his rude son

There was a village called Abole. In the village, there's a man called Mr. Justice and his 10yrs old son Sam.

Sam was rude; he knows how to silently open his father's bedroom (door) without the knowledge of Mr. Justice. Each time his father cooks meet for lunch, Sam will always steal one or two from the pot.

His father would ask him but Sam never open his heart to the father. One day, Mr. Justice went to the farm to hunt; luckily, he killed two fat rabbits, he became happy and thought within himself. OH! I love this! Today is cool! The rat that always steals my meet will never see this to steal..

So he went home (Justice). On his arrival, he did not met Sam, Sam has gone to play in the feild.

Mr. Justice prepared the rabbits and cooked them. He eat little from it and took the rest to his Bedroom. It was about 4-5 pm, the room was dark, Mr. Sam hid himself somewhere in the room with a bush gun and thought within himself. I must wait to kill the rat that never wants to let me rest. Always stealing my meet.

Sam came back from the feild. He noticed there's a meet in the house. He was happy. He looked round about the house to know if the father is arround. He did not found his father. He called his father but nobody answered.

He smiled and said COOL! He went to the room, looked at the father's bedroom door and said, let me check out. He silently opend the door and looked arround. It was dark. He went straigth way to the pot and opened it, the father knew, he said silently, since the room is dark, i can't see the rat but i knew the location of the pot.

So he pointed his gun to the location of the pot. Kpoaaaa! He shot his son on his leg. Haaaaaa!

Sam: OMy Leg!
Mr. Justice: Who are you?
Sam: father so you are here?
Mr. Justice: i said who are you or else i will crack my gun and give you another bullet.
Sam: no no no! It's me Sam.
Mr. Justice: Sam?
Sam: yes. It's me. Mr. Justice: thank God i caught the rat that steals my meet.....


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