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Wednesday, 11 March 2015


   Infertility in men is a serious problem, but it could be prevented and treated. While there are various over-the-counter remedies, there are natural ways to boost fertility in men.
   Fresh fruits:
Fruits are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants which improve sperm quality and count. It is wise to consume at least two portions of fresh fruits daily, if you are planning a baby. Have fruits like sweet lemon or mousambi, oranges and mangoes which are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.
   Don’t miss on pomegranates, studies indicate that pomegranate extracts can improve sperm quality and boost production of testosterone.
  Moreover, if you are on IVF treatment make it a point to chomp on fruits daily. This is because consumption of fruits reduce oxidative stress, and the antioxidants helps to change the parameters that could lead to decline in sperm count, supplementing the treatment and increasing chances of conception.
   An apple a day is said to keep the sperm count increasing. Another fruit banana is known as a "sexual super food" since it is a rich source of protein, magnesium, Vitamin A, B1 and C. Tomatoes are said to contain an antioxidant called carotenoid lycopene which helps in increasing the sperm count since men struggling with infertility generally have low lycopene levels in the body.
   Pomegranate contains a huge amount of antioxidants which help prevent damage against sperms that leads them to becoming sluggish and losing the ability to fertilize an egg. Drinking pomegranate juice also increases the sperm count as well as fight against erectile dysfunction.
   Get plenty of antioxidants.
   Research suggests that by eating a diet rich in antioxidants you may be able to increase sperm count, thus increasing potential male fertility. Vitamins C and E, glutathione, and coenzyme Q10 have all been shown to help treat male infertility. Try to eat a variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy for the best variety of nutrients to help increase male fertility.

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