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Monday, 26 January 2015

Mercy Johnson don day Naija live

One woman way the make people laugh well well and at the same time, people know am saata them no fit enjoy any film way them the watch without seeing that woman, and her name na Mercy Johnson. She don land for Naija after days way she day U.S for plenty months when she con born her second picken for there. Mercy way people like well well don show for Naija live and she even have happy baby shower with her person and people way she know normal. Infact, you know say when you gbadu things well well, you fit fall down start to the cry bcuz of gladyness way day inside your chest. Na watin happen to Mercy be that. As she look arround saata con see how smill and gladyness day for people face, she con fall down start to day comot ties of gladyness.

Infact, you know watin happen, people way know her nomal just the com from nouth, south, east and west day say happy sayings to Mercy and her new picken. Check below make you see the kind gladyness way day for her face.

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