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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Boko Haram boys released 192 people in Yobe

News way report one kind time way say Boko Haram boys cary away 218 people from one town way day Yobe State, the town name na Katarko town, way day Gujba local government area for Yobe State, now new Sunday news way Vanguard report, he talks say those ijaguda boys don release 192 people out of the 218 people way them carry go away.

One man way people know well well way be politician again, his name na Alhaji Goni Katarko, report talks say the man talk with him people con tell Vanguard people say the Ijaguda guys (insurgents) call them tell them say make them go colect their person from one village way them tell them. The village name na Woron yinwa.

"Them get luck well well to see one big motor way carry them go one village way em name na Gazargana, na the place na em we colet our people way doz ijaguda boys release. We carry our people through the help way military people give us. Military people keep them for inside one camp and military people come beg us say make we leave them yet for security reasons”. He talk

Goni come go ahead and come talk say, inside his five family members way those ijaguda boys carry go away, na only four of them na him he see. He come talk say, those 29 people way still day the hand of those bad boys (Boko Haram), he believe say he go still day the hand of those ones way them never release.

One Malam Aysha way day among the people way those terrible boys release talk say, those ijagudas tell us say make we come and gada togada. So as we con gada togada, them con tell us say make we form 2 group con talk say doz way won stay with them should day diz side and doz way no won stay with them should go the oda side. So many of us come go the group way no won stay with them.

Na him their ogah con talk say make doz bad boys carry us comot from their place say make we go and join unbelievers way the out there. Na him them carry us go Wuron Yinwa village before one kind fulani man way the control cow come leed us go the place where we come get one lorry driver way carry us go Gazargana village and finally, our people come carry us” . she talk.

She talk say doz bad guys carry us go different camp but come carry us come back the time way them come decide.

When doz people way the colet news come, military people come tell them say make them stay outside yet say the command na from doz ogahs way day up.

Many people way their person day among those people way doz terrible boys release come but military people no alow them come inside to see their people bcuz sometins need to be done first.

This news na Vanguard talk am.

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