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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Where or how can i create my free blog? See where or how

It's unfortunate! I'm surprised to hear and see some people asking this question: "Where can i create a free blog for my business?". They spend everything they have on their sim card just to know how to create a free blog. Well, there are hundreds of free blog hosting companys out there where you can create your free blog website and they are ready to host your blog for free with a free sub-domain.

But you'll need to pay a small amount of money if you want to make your domain short and understandable to your blog readers. Creating a free blog for your business is very simple, most of this companies like Wordpress, Openblog etc also offer Already-Made script which you can download and install in to your own website.

Here are the top five trusted and free blog hosting companies:

1. Wordpress.com: Wordpress is the most free feature-rich blogging platform in the internet. Most of the websites you hear about today are hosted on by Wordpress. Wordpress is lovin, simple and free to use. If you're looking for best free blogging platform, perhaps you should go for a Wordpress. Although they offer paid blogging service for experts.

2. Blogger.com: I love to here about Google! I trust Google and that's why i chose to create my blog with them. Blogger is a Google own(ed) free blogging service that works like wordpress and any other blog platform you may think of. They offer many features to their users and provide a free sub-domain (blogspot.com) for anyone who register a blog with them. With a Blogger blog, you can write anything about your business online.

3. Blog.com: I love this company! Blog.com is a Wordpress powered blogging platform where anyone can register his/her blog for free. They offer the best free sub-domain to their users and best ways to make money with your free blog. I haven't used this platform yet but i believe they have rich features.

4. Tumblr.com: Tumblr is a free micro-blogging website similar to Twitter. Yes! Tumblr is like Twitter but they offer lot of features that Twitter dosen't has. You can also blog from your mobile phone, publish anything, anytime with your Tumblr blog.

MyWapBlog.com: I intend not to include Mywapblog in the list but latter changed my mind to include them. Mywapblog is a simple to use free blogging platform. Mywapblog aren't rich enough but simple to post your articles to the world. Mywapblog also support ad networks like Adsense where you can make money with your blog. If you love to post via your mobile phone, then go for a MWB blog.

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