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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Wizkid's speaks On Divorce.

There have been a lot of Divorce scandal going on most especially among
our well known celebs such iniedo and hubby,amber rose and wiz
khalifa,chris oyakhilome and Anita, and the list goes on and on.During an
exclusive interview with the "show you the money"hit maker wizkid,he said:
"In the Western world, divorce is very common, as a matter of fact, it
happens almost every day. Two people decide to come together and take a
vow to share the rest of their lives together, forever. Both after a while
for one reason or the other they want out and  want to go their separate
ways; sometimes not even considering the fact their children are involved.
Some of them go into marriage and come out quickly why others stay
together for 10 years and more before they decide they want out. 

In Nigeria, we attach importance to keeping our marriage vows and maybe
that is why divorce is not so common here but it does happen, yes,
Nigerians do divorce but very insignificant figure. That notwithstanding,
not all marriages are rosy but the couples still decide to stick together
or more like co-exist". 

Now the question is what exactly is going on,do people have to jump into
marriage with who they are not sure of,or do people get to change along
the line? Well your guess is as good as mine.

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