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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wizkid Reveals Chris Brown And Tyga In His Next Song.

Seems like we are yet to see the best of Wizkid. still on his AYO album
promo in  London, Wizkid  was interviewed by DJ Abrantee of UK's Capital
One Radio and he spilled the beans on his rumoured collaboration with
American superstar Chris Brown and rapper Tyga.

Wizkid hangs out with Chris Brown in Los Angeles Wizkid revealed that the
recorded song with Chris Brown would be the first single off his third
album that would be released after the end of his contract with E.M.E in
'Big shout out to Chris Brown, he came for a show in Lagos and he brought
me out on stage as a surprise, we did the same thing in Ghana and we've
just been friends since then, he's been showing me love, when I went back
to Los Angeles, he jumped on one of my tracks.'Wizkid said

Wizkid with TY Dolla and Tyga ho is set to feature in 'Show you the money'
video.When asked what track is it that Chris hopped on, Wizzy said: 'It's
actually a new song called 'African Bad Girl', and we are actually working
on another one and it's actually going to be the first single off the next
album, we are just trying to shoot a video for it, then I'm shooting a
video for 'Show you the money' featuring Tyga as well, so really we are
just making more music and having fun.'…

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