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Saturday, 18 October 2014

US Mocks Nigeria,Customize Ebola T-Shirt.

Despite the fact that Nigeria have finally found its way to overcome
ebola,it has been brought to our notice that some US company have been
about customizing some Ebola T-shirt all in a bid to mock Nigeria#Crazy#.

On the T-shirt, it was boldly written

"I went to Nigeria, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt and Ebola."

It was designed By MentalPoo of Salem, New
Hampshire and is being sold by Zazzle Apparel for $25.95(N4289.53). The
product description reads:

"Hop on the hip new Ebola craze! Tell everyone you're a world class
traveler AND probably have a deadly communicable disease with this
Nigerian souvenir tee!"

The disease, which has infected 2 Americans, killed 9 people in Nigeria
before it was contained and the country is set to be declared officially
Ebola-free on Monday, October 20.

What is your view on this?

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