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Friday, 31 October 2014

Top five trusted online shopping sites in Nigeria

Let's take a look at top five trusted online shopping websites in Nigeria. Before we start this chat, lets take a look at Jumia. Jumia claim to be the Nigeria number one largest online shopping website created in May 2012 where one can buy/purchase electronics, cloths, books, home appliance and more online. You order from your browser, pay for the product and it gets shipped to you anywhere in the country. But here, we listed Jumia in number two after Konga, although they may be the number one largets online store in Nigeria in real sense.

In the late 2012, Jumia wasn't likely to most people and started with just few employees (5) and later grew very large in 2013. One year advert brought to them thousands of customers and now working with great number of people who are making them money everyday.

Now, you've grown up and you need to get yourself a nice mobile phone but the price there in your local shop aren't friendly at all and you're now almost given up. Hold on to that money! Here is a list of top five online store in Nigeria where you can buy your mobile phone very cheap and it gets shipped to you anywhere in the country. Let's take a look!

1. konga.com: Their website structure alone kills everyone. Konga and Jumia were created in the same year, just three months older than Jumia but they got to number in my list cause of their quality service and fast delivery system in the online shopping industry in Nigeria.

2. Jumia.com.ng: Jumia.com.ng is the second largest online shopping website in Nigeria but according to them, they claim to be number one in the list. Jumia has obtained great number of customers since 2013. One year advertisement brought great change in their online store.

3. Taafoo.com: Taafoo is the third largest online store in Nigeria receiving at least 12,000 visitors per day. As of this moment, i would say Taafoo is the best online fashion store in Nigeria.

4. Slotlimited.com: Slotlimited is the fourth larget online store in Nigeria and best known for the sale of computer products, mobile phone and gadgets.

5. Buyam.com.ng: Buyam gets about 2,000 visitors per day and that rolled them to the fifth largest online store in Nigeria and they're still working on their site to make things easier for their customers.

Other trusted but not listed among the top five online shopping websites in Nigeria but works like the ones in the list.


These are not all the shopping websites in Nigeria. You can still carry out search on Google to discorver more online shops in Nigeria and always remember to check how they works before ordering for anything including a N5.00 product. Lol!

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