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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Spend Money on Health Rather Than Expensive Devices- Medical Doctor

Dr Dayo Ojo, a medical doctor, on Saturday in Lagos urged Nigerians to always check their health status against any ailment since it is believed that prevention is better than cure and early detection leaves more opportunity to combating any ailment.

Ojo, who works with Calvary Medical Hospital, Ayobo, Lagos, told the newsmen that regular check-up was a way to get early intervention and arrest a deteriorating health situation. He said,"Nigerians should pay more attention to their health by inculcating the habit of going for general check up to help stay healthy. Men and women of every age need check-up, which will pave the way for early detection and treatment of health challenges before they become serious and more difficult to manage."

He also urged the public to take charge of their health, saying it should be their number one priority in life. Ojo advised people to visit the hospital at least once a year to discuss with their doctors what screening or test they need and when they need it. "Take action now to protect your health and well being in future, prioritise your health, as the key to keep your body running smoothly is regular check-up. Visit your doctor and have some tests done to find out if there is anything wrong in your body. "If you don't have a personal physician think about getting one," he said.

He went further to say that some people avoid regular check-up even when the tests are free, believing that they are in good health. He explained that such people forget that there were silent killer sicknesses that would not give any sign or symptom until the sickness gets to the advanced stage. Ojo said that many Nigerians preferred to spend their money on expensive blackberry phones, cars and jewellery, but could not afford money for a check-up once a year. He appealed to Nigerians to improve their general health with healthy diets that include fruits and vegetables. The medical practitioner also urged people to drink plenty of water and carry out regular exercise. Ojo advised Nigerians to avoid self medication but rather go and see the doctor to carry out tests or prescribe the right drugs. "Seek medical attention if you notice any symptom or signs in your body rather than going for self medication, he warned.


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