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Monday, 20 October 2014

Oritse Femi Sets To Marry Ghanaian Actress Ella Mensah

Its no longer secret but a thing of joy when the Georgeous ghanaian
actress Emmanuella Gift Mensah Aka Sexy Ella opened up on her
relationship/love life with naija's musical taliban oritse femi .

During the interactive segment with the Entertainer the Ghanaian actress
had this to say:

Obviously, you are engaged to a Nigerian?

That's very correct.

Do you share the popular notion among women that virtually all men are

The truth is that not all people cheat and I am talking about both men and
women; it is individualistic. There are always reasons why people cheat.
For instance, someone may tell you that he or she has issues in their
relationship but because they are not ready to quit, they do something to
keep themselves happy. In the same vain, people always have a reason for
staying in a relationship. However, every man has a weakness and it is the
same with women. Whatever we have in men, there is its equivalent in
women. But in life, once you make a choice, you should be ready to face
the consequences; good or bad. Every man is a man and every woman is a
woman. It all depends on how you play your cards. As an actress, I travel
a lot. So, even if I date a Ghanaian or a Nigerian, I'm always somewhere
outside home and away from my man. Would I ask my man to follow me
everywhere? That is where trust comes into play.

So, what attracted you to this Nigerian?

Basically my man is unique. Though every man is unique but some are more
unique than others; he is a spe­cial man. But as for why I chose a
Nigerian man instead of a Ghanaian, you never can predict who you will
fall in love with. I had a Ghanaian boyfriend, we broke up and now I'm
getting married to a Nigerian. Whether he is a Ghanaian, Congolese,
Sudanese or Nigerian doesn't really matter. What matters is that I love
him and I am comfort­able with him. My man is romantic and hot; what more
could a woman want in a man?

Would it be safe to describe your current visit as business turned into
pleasure since your man is a Nigerian?

That is what it is. I flew here to work. But my man's presence has made
things a lot less stressful. I have done a couple of jobs and more are on
the way.

According to Ella she says "I and oritse femi met in may 2014"

All the best to you both!

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