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Monday, 13 October 2014

Military fear deployment to Boko Haram troubled zone

Soldiers have allegedly planned a move that would make them not listed
among the troops that will be deployed to face the fierce battle against
the Boko Haram sect by shooting themselves one after another in the leg.

As reported also by the Nigerian Tribune, the battle to rout out Boko
Haram terrorists from communities seized in Adamawa State continues,
military source have disclosed that some soldiers and officers are
inventing pranks to avoid deployment to the battlefield.

A number of seven soldiers allegedly opened fire on different parts of
their bodies and later claimed that Boko Haram terrorists shot them, but
when medical examination was carried out on them, it was discovered that
the shots were self-inflicted. The Army High Command has also discovered
that information about its strategies and operational road map in the
North East were being passed on to Boko Haram terrorists by orderlies and
close aides
of commanders on the field.

It was gathered that some of the perpetrators of the crime had been
arrested, while a board of inquiry had been set up to carry out further
investigation, after which a court martial to try them would be setup. The
source revealed
that many of the soldiers had devised means, so as not to be set for
battlefield, while others faked strange ailments.
It was reliably gathered that the alleged attack on seven soldiers at the
weekend were carefully masterminded by the troops, so as to look as if the
Boko Haram, terrorists actually attacked them. The source disclosed that
when the soldiers were brought to the hospital in Adamawa, the injuries
were fresh, while the bullets just pierced through
the flesh to the other side, with no bone affected.

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