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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Iyabo Ojo Talks On Her Fashion Lifestyle..

The entertainment crew bumped in on the very talented Yoruba actress,
Iyabo Ojo she was engaged in some interactive piece where she was asked
few questions on her fashion style,her reply was indeed quite interesting.

Below are the few questions asked;

Your Gold tooth – is it a fashion signature?

Actually it is a silver tooth. It is not part of my style, I lost two of
my teeth and they were very close to each other. The gap was too much so I
decided to put a silver tooth there instead of having the usual fake tooth
to replace it.
Her fashion weakness:

I would say perfumes and shoes. I have over 50 bottles of perfumes and
they are all designers while I have about 200 pairs of shoes; I have
actually lost count of how many shoes I own. I know how it sounds but I am
a shoe freak, it could be high or low, it could be slippers, sandals or
sneakers depending on what I am wearing. I love shoes generally and I just
can't stop buying them. I also love my perfumes.

Worst fashion Blunder:

There was a period that I used to wear what was referred to as the
'she-devil make-up', it is when you have to draw a very long line on your
eyebrow and you draw it up at the end. I used to do that type of make-up
but now when I see my old pictures where I was on that make-up, I just
laugh. I ask myself if I actually did that. I think things like that
change with age and time.


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