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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Beards; Do you like or Detest them?

Recently, it has become a point of fashion, a show of masculinity, strength and a symbol of seductive ambiance for a young man at a certain age to allow those rough edges grow noticeably on their skins and faces. It is no longer new to see men carve all sorts of creative patterns on their faces and chins in order to feel accepted by the ladies because it is one of the play-things a lady toys with on the body of men as they seem to find pleasure and feel a certain sense of protection around men who not only have them, but make them a part of their daily living. This has made so many young men admire those who have them, not necessarily that they enjoy having them around their faces but because they also wish to enjoy the attention and that different look it creates on their appearance and personality. To some people, it is a quintessence of an upstanding man while some others see it as a reserve of a ruffian. But people who are into the entertainment world, mostly rap music would enjoy the rugged but natural look that some of their role models in their chosen path of entertainment keep. And a fan of a personality like the United States born "DJ Khaled" would also trail his lead of keeping beards all in a bid to feel like him because it is believed that we try to be who we admire. Beards are gifts genetically given as a natural addition to the physical appearance of humans. Though not all men have this gift, but more men have been privileged against the very few women that have this gift. To those women, it is seen as a man's thing and shouldn't be kept by the feminine gender as the greater percentage of men would find them unattractive. But men who are favoured with beards may want to take it all off and make for a smooth and silky skin devoid of any rough-edges while others may want to keep and nurture it. For beginners, growing and nurturing beards could be a very tiring task, one that would need some kind of expertise to attain and maintain. But a beginner can not develop these expert knowledge in obscurity and this paper will help enlist tips that would help men who want to grow beards begin properly and ultimately, feel comfortable having them around their faces. The first step is allowing the beard spring up gradually so as to have a clue on the pattern the beard is likely to take when it starts growing fully. When the beards have attained considerable growth, the next important thing to do would be knowing how to trim so they won't grow out of proportion and this could either be done by one's self or a professional for best results. Beards should also be washed with shampoo once in a while to rid them of dirts and louse. Another important factor to be considered is the kind of face the carrier has and the best pattern to fit perfectly. A person should keep the neck-line and cheek-line of the face natural and to reduce bumps, effective after shave medications should be applied to keep the regions smooth. Lastly, the right beard length should be maintained in a way that it is not too long to the distaste of people so that it does not represent one as rascal. Beards could be responsible and make a person look manly and at the same time, could make someone become a ruffian. It all depends on how well they are grown, trimmed and managed, not been heavily bearded and not being dirty with it. If you choose to grow beards, then, you have a responsibility to keep it clean consistently as well as carve out time to properly trim it into desirable patterns to the suitability of your face type. Source: G3wap Correspondent

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