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Monday, 29 September 2014

George Clooney got a smart woman.. they got bliss

Sounds new? But we got learned ladies arround.. The Oxford-educated human rights lawyer shows off a great style and now making some ladies asking 'how?'.. But the thing is that, she got a great style and has shown off her new style after she tied the knot with George Clooney in Venice.. This lady brought him nice thoughts...

George, moment of bliss?'' oh!! C'mon! I think so too.. Amal Alamuddin has been driven forward into Hollywood high sociey after got joined with actor George Clooney in Venice...

Amal Alamuddin isn’t just beautiful; she got brain, intelligent in doings.. Oh! she has also got great style, she's smarts and with a reliable taste...

'Handsome George', Amal Alamuddin has proven that powerful women can be style icons to other women too... Aren't you seeing what i'm looking at??

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